Hi I’m Harriet, a fifth generation farmer living in Æðuvík, The Faroe Islands with my Husband John, daugther Maja Lý, our foster daughter and a whole bunch of animals including horses, chicken, ducks, geese, dogs, cat, bunny and sheep of course.
Other than being a farmer I’m also a self taught photographer taking pictures of my sheep mostly and selling them as fine art prints and postcards, I also do a bit of social media marketing and host in home dinners when there is time for it + we’re soon to be B&B hosts. My biggest dream ever since I was a kid has always been to become a farmer, to be honest I never thought it would actually happen, since I grew up getting told that it was a MANS job and a woman couldn’t do it. Well I did it and actually made it work out as a full time job, unlike most farmers in The Faroe Islands. Sure some would say what I do isn’t really farming, but to that I say – why not ? I still do all of the hard work, I’ve just learned to combine it with fun too ♡ To me sheep are one of the most beautiful creations ever and deserve to be photographed and made into art, also by doing so I can now take care of my animals even better and pay for all of their expenses/food without having to get an extra 9-5 job on the side, sure some months are hard but at the end of the day it’s all worth it. I am a female farmer and darn proud of it, even if it means smelly work and backaches!

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