I met Christiana in the Faroe Islands over a decade ago, when she got a job as my son’s babysitter. I could not ask for a better person to take care of my little boy. I am forever grateful for the energy she put into his upbringing.

Christiana is a calm, humble and hard-working person. I can always rely on her and life has tested our relationship on many levels throughout the years. I am lucky to have her by my side in the Faroe Islands. Christiana is a versatile woman. She can paint walls, change a flat tyre, fix furniture and bake the best buns in the world. Above all, she would always find time for a cup of coffee.

Christiana is the designer of the beautiful socks that can be purchased in our store. All pieces are thoroughly knitted by her, so if you fancy a pair or two, do not hesitate to order.

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