Ull er Føroya Gull (Wool is gold of the Faroe Islands) – as we say it here. This precious material has kept us warm in the north Atlantic, where the climate is rough and the weather is changeable. In a country with more sheep than people, yarn is accessible and knitting seems like a very basic skill. Faroese wool is world famous for its outstanding quality and strong fibers. Due to frequent rains and showers local sheep are exposed to, the Faroese wool contains a high percentage of lanoline.



Every single woolen item in our store was made with love and dedication. There is a story behind every product. Each handmade piece means several hours spent on knitting – quality time filled with laughter, chitchat and cultivating Faroese culture. The woolen pieces are made by local women born and raised here in the Faroe Islands, so along with your fine knitwear you also get a piece of them and their story. All knitted goods are haute couture as we highly value Zero Waste ideals. To avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste, we take our time to create high quality and unique pieces you will proudly wear for years.

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