Woolen sweater knitted by Ann

Meet Ann – a loving Faroese housewife and a caring mother. She is very much into knitting and regularly supplies her beloved grandchildren with woolen masterpieces. Ann proudly presents her works on social media.

She is a devoted fan of NSI football team. When you enter the stadium you will see Ann selling tickets, giving you her best smile. Besides she is a swimming coach for children and a member of the Faroese swim council.

If you happen to stay at the Runavik Hotel, you will encounter Ann at the front desk, where she makes the guests feel at home instantly.

Sweaters are designed and hand made by Ann from 100% Faroese wool. I am more than happy to have Ann in this amazing team of Faroese women involved in my project. View Ann’s work and if you like what you see, order your piece of the Faroes today.

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