When in 2005 I came from Poland to the Faroe Islands, I had no idea that this place would become my home. However, I started a family here and developed my professional life. Today I am a mother of two little Vikings – Benjamin and Mia and after many years I call the Faroe Islands my home and my passion. This passion was the main trigger for establishing my own business. The Faroese flag – Merkið was the greatest source of inspiration for creating my brand. The Faroesepeople are very proud of their flag and Merkið is not only present at official events, but also during birthdays, weddings and school graduations. The combination of white, red and blue is a hallmark of this small nation in the North Atlantic. Flagg.fo combines love, respect for tradition and passion. During my life in the Faroe Islands I have met many women who now co-create my life’s work. 

For many years my goal was to promote the Faroe Islands in Poland and be the best possible ambassador of Poland in the Faroes. Eventually, I found the way to combine these two countries in a creative way. The items available on the websiteare divided into three main categories – wool products, natural cosmetics and ceramics.